For the majority of homeowners, replacing the siding requires a sizable expense. Both the visual appeal and energy efficiency of your property will be improved. However, it’s ideal to make sure you and your property are appropriately prepared for the work a skilled and professional siding contractor will accomplish before the siding installation can start. It shouldn’t be a do-it-yourself project.

Follow These Steps Before The Siding Contractor Comes

Any home improvement job, like installing new siding, calls for thorough planning on the part of the homeowner.

Ask about the timetable in addition to the price and materials that will be utilized on the job so that you may control your expectations and be appropriately ready before work begins.

The actions you should take while you wait for your siding installation process to start are listed below…

#1 Prune And Cut Down Shrubs & Trees

Prune and cut down trees

Your home’s exterior may be surrounded by bushes or trees that might obstruct the installation of siding. Cut the grass short and trim back bushes and trees if necessary. This will make it simpler for the installers to pick up dropped nails or staples using a magnetic nail finder. To prevent debris from collecting in your flower bed or garden, be sure you cover it with a drop cloth or tarp.

#2 Make Outdoor Space Clean And Accessible

Potted plants, patio furniture and gardening tools might hinder the siding installers if you have any of these items “in the way.” Moving them to a location that is out of the way of the installers, such as your garage, will hasten the installation procedure.

#3 Try To Remove All The Decor From The Walls

Your home’s interior walls may shake when the siding is removed and installed. Take down any decorations you have hanging on the walls, such as framed pictures or works of art.

Because of all the shaking, fragile goods might tumble off of shelves and tables. Put these things away in a secure location where they will be shielded from damage.

#4 Place Your Car Somewhere Else

You can count on the delivery of a dumpster and your new siding most likely a day or two before the installation team shows up. Prepare the driveway and garage so the dumpster may be placed there. Access will also be required so that workers may remove the existing siding.

For the length of the siding installation, you might wish to move your automobile to another location in your neighborhood. It reduces the possibility of loose debris damaging your automobile.

#5 No Pets Or Kids Allowed

Installing siding is a loud process. Make sure that your kids and animals are out of the work area.

#6 Keep Communicating Effectively

Before the task begins, it’s crucial to have a discussion. Discuss start and stop timings, yard features to watch out for, parking preferences and weekend working hour choices with your siding contractor. Your siding replacement experience will be improved if you get along well with the project manager and team.

#7 Choose The Siding Type That’s Best

Choosing the best type of siding

The type of material you select is crucial when replacing the siding on your house. The most preferred choices are wood, fiber cement and vinyl. Before making a choice, it’s crucial to perform your homework because each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. For instance, vinyl is a highly cost-effective option that needs minimal upkeep, but it might not be as long-lasting as some of the other choices. Fiber cement is more costly but provides a higher level of durability.

#8 Be Thorough With The Insulation Process

The sort of insulation you’ll need should also be taken into account while replacing the siding on your house. Insulation is already included in certain siding types, while it must be placed in others. This is crucial to take into account since the insulation will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When it comes to energy efficiency, siding materials vary widely, so be sure to do your homework and select the one that best suits your requirements.

#9 Make A Budget

How much are you prepared to invest in the siding project? Before making a choice, be sure to account for the various expenses connected with the various siding materials available.

You should also take into account any unexpected expenses, such as labor and extra supplies, that can arise during the installation procedure.


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