When you first see broken shingles or developing moss patches on your roof, you might be concerned. Your home’s entire worth is influenced by the state of its roof. When choosing between replacing your roof and doing a few straightforward repairs, you should speak with a roof repair company that has the knowledge and experience to provide you with wise guidance. You can consider the thought of a roof replacement after an expert roof assessment.

Here are a few indicators that your roof could require either repairs or a replacement…

#1 Ceiling leaks

Ceiling leaks

If the ceilings within your home have any signs of damage, that is one of the biggest signs of how serious a roof issue may be. Water stains and patches can be signs of leaks in a variety of places. Leaks can result in mold growth or other issues if they are ignored. To prevent serious problems in the future, think about replacing your roof.

#2 Climatic conditions

Know what kind of weather the roof is frequently exposed to– this could give contractors a better understanding of the actual condition of the roof. A shingle roof can sustain damage from high temperatures and persistent rain. Your roof may be prone to damage from storms and snow. Before a severe storm strikes, do simple roof repairs.

#3 Growing maintenance expenses

Until a major issue arises, repairing your roof may not be a concern. It’s time to replace it, though, when patching makes it start to resemble a checkerboard. Additionally, a contractor can advise putting off further repairs and choosing to build a completely new roof if the expense of maintaining the roof is starting to outweigh the cost of replacing the roof.

#4 Aging roof issues

Old roof issues

An average roof has a lifespan of 15 to 50 years, depending on the material grade used. Determine the age of your roof by consulting the home inspection report you acquired when you bought your property. A qualified roof repair expert will be able to assess a roof’s age based on its state and how well it has held up over time.

#5 Curling and buckling of shingles

Another sign that you might need a new roof is if the shingles have begun to curl or buckle. Look for evidence of curling shingles and their missing granules by examining the slopes of your property that receive direct sunshine. This can indicate whether shingles are past the end of their useful lives and offer a sense of whether a roof is flawed.

#6 Sunlight penetrating the roof planks

Walking on the roof may cause a soft area or trampoline bounce, which might be an indication of moisture damage to the decking below. Look in your attic to see whether the roof boards are letting any light in. To quickly address the issue, make sure there is no moisture inside the insulation.

#7 Presence of grit in the gutter(s)

Shingles have grit or granules embedded in them, and these granules act as a shield against the sun. It’s typical for a small amount of grit to loosen and come off, but if granules are piling up in the gutters in autumn in increasing numbers, there may be a problem. The sun will heat the shingles without the grit, causing them to bend, cup or otherwise disintegrate.

#8 Water damage inside your house

It’s time to call your roof specialist if you see any damp areas on your walls or ceiling. Any wet or watery stains, streaks or drooping areas must be fixed immediately.

#9 Hail or severe storm damage

Storm damage is among the most common causes for people to require a new roof. High winds, rain, ice, hail, tornadoes and hurricanes do the most harm.

#10 Roofline is sagging

It is essential to get your roof evaluated if you see any drooping, sagging areas or sizable pockets. This is frequently the result of water damage, which can be quite severe.


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