A roof enhances the appearance of your home while also providing protection, so it’s critical to keep up with roof maintenance and get it repaired as needed. Re-roofing is a good technique to save money on repairs. With re-roofing, the damaged areas will be repaired, and you will still have a safe place to live. It does not devalue your home if you intend to place it on the market.

When re-roofing your place, what are some upgrades to consider? Here are some…

#1 Improve roof ventilation

Re-roofing is a great opportunity to additionally make some changes that improve the home’s overall ventilation. Cooler air can circulate through ridge vents or soffit vents under the eaves.

Roof vents serve to manage the air in your attic, which is related to keeping your home cool. When the heat does enter your roof, they make sure it has a way to escape.

This roof modification is particularly useful in the summer when, if the heat isn’t diffused, your attic will gradually transform into a slow bake oven, forcing your cooling system to work twice as hard and slowly heat your shingles.

These vents prevent heat from your home from escaping into your attic during the winter. This ensures that ice dams are less likely to form there.

#2 Use reflective shingles to increase energy efficiency

reflective shingles

If you want to experiment with color, reflecting shingles are the way to go. White or a light hue for the shingles can help the roof insulate cooler temperatures. These shingles are available in a wide range of colors, and they quickly release most of the heat that they absorb.

Your home will become cooler and your cooling costs will decrease if you add reflective shingles to your roof. These shingles will reflect sun rays and release heat that has been absorbed into them. To match the decor of your home, these shingles are available in a variety of designs, such as wood tones and slate.

#3 Install an airtight chimney

Usually a regular chimney cap can help you prevent rainwater from penetrating the house, but the functioning of an airtight chimney is different. When you don’t use your fireplace throughout the winter, airtight caps keep inside warm air from leaving your house. When you wish to make a fire, you pull a steel cable in your fireplace that opens a spring-activated cap, and when the fire is done, you pull the cable to close it.

#4 Install low-maintenance gutters

Installing low-maintenance gutters

By replacing your old gutters with low-maintenance ones, you may reduce the upkeep required. The innovative shape of these gutters’ curved hoods allows water to flow down while keeping leaves out. They offer a modern look that is a huge improvement over earlier models and keep the house cleaner with less effort. You won’t need to remove gutter stains from the house or unclog gutters. These gutters can be found in a variety of hues to complement your house.

#5 Install eave flashing

Ice dams, or the accumulation of ice on the roof, can be avoided using eave flashing.

Eave flashing is a type of membrane that adheres to and seals around the fasteners on the roof to provide a water-tight seal over the eaves.

If you have roof-mounted structures, such as skylights, this can prevent the inconvenience and damage that ice dams can bring about.


The quality of your roof can be improved with some modifications. Consider upgrades when re-roofing your roof; Call Born Carpentry to do the job: 612-747-8003